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You’ve read Matthew Walker’s “Why We Sleep”, Now Get Ready to Experience Deep Sleep

Sleeping with a weighted eye mask

Typical eye masks help block light. However, a weighted eye mask for sleeping does that and more. It helps you fall asleep and remain in that state until you’re ready to wake up. A common example of this is weighted blankets. Similar to their deep pressure touch (DPT), a weighted eye mask uses it to provide a soothing sleeping experience.

Before you delve into a weighted eye mask, you must consider the following:

  • The material its made of
  • The weight of the eye mask for sleeping
  • It’s strap

Now let’s see each in turn.

The material in a weighted eye mask comprises its cover and fill. The cover is made of different materials including silk, satin, cotton, polyester, and fleece. While the fill is made up of flax seeds or microbeads of different types. They’re then evenly distributed to add to the mask’s weight.

Weight can range from 10 to 16 ounces. You’d notice some designs have zippered access to fill the material. Makes it easy to play around with the weight to your liking.

In the case of a strap, usually, a weighted eye mask for sleeping would entail an adjustable elastic band to fit different head sizes. By design these are heavy and so you’d often find the strap as tight. This ensures proper fitting.

A quality weighted eye mask will have:

  • Heating and cooling
  • Aromatherapy

What do I mean by those?

Traditional eye masks and a weighted eye mask for sleeping can be heated in the microwave and subsequently cooled in the freezer. The process is done to facilitate soothing functionality. The benefits include reduced inflammation, stress, migraines, and sinus pain relief. Make sure to check the product specification if your model supports the feature.

Aromatherapy is when you use lavender, essential oils, and aromatic botanicals in a product. A weighted eye mask material has all of them. This calms you when you sleep at night. It also serves as a mood enhancer and enables falling asleep easier. 

Weighted eye mask benefits

As outlined above, weighted eye mask benefits are manifold. 

Note: If the symptoms persist, visit a doctor and not take a writer’s word for it. Maybe they can recommend you a weighted eye mask or can caution you against its use (depending on your condition). Chronic cases usually require an expert’s opinion.

1. Weighted eye mask for migraines

When you heat and cool the mask, it acts as a catalyst to reduce migraines. You can heat the weighted eye mask in a microwave and cool it in a freezer to get the optimal effect. However, not all eye masks support this feature, and doing so, can damage them.

2. Weighted eye mask for blurry vision

Although, the benefit isn’t very conclusive, sure if used regularly, a weighted eye mask can alleviate blurry vision too. But the cases are far and few and largely depend on the usage.

3. Weighted eye mask for headaches

Headaches are shown to be lessened as a result of the direct use of weighted eye masks for sleeping at night. With a good night’s sleep, there’s nothing that you can’t achieve. Better focus, enhanced mood, and happiness, as well as the ability to exude confidence and decision-making.

You’re thinking it’s all sleep-related? Yes! Recall the last time you kept shuffling in the bed and you had to go to work in the morning or had to drop off your child at school early. Remember how you woke up? You didn’t want to do any of it. You yelled at your kids for not getting ready fast, or you turned in mediocre work on a project that your boss asked for and then had to redo it, etc. I’m sure you can recall many such instances.

Are weighted eye masks safe?

There are no weighted eye mask dangers. Most ask if it’s safe to put it on at night, well, duh! (if you’ve read so far, then you know). But I’ll further talk about it a little later. There is also a concern about whether it causes eye wrinkles. I’m no expert on sleeping and frankly, it doesn’t have to do with one. But I see a product that optimizes the quality of sleep, and I’m in. I’m a light sleeper. Deep sleep on seeing me, runs the other way. You can call it insomnia. Most of us have it. But we have a cure.

The reason folks say that it’s dangerous is because of the amount of pressure it applies to your eyes. Since the weighted eye mask for sleeping is made of natural flax, microbeads, or sand, it tends to apply the right amount of pressure. It doesn’t put pressure on the lids nor damages your eye.

The slight pressure is necessary to signal your brain to relax in a non-harmful way. Moreover, go for a weighted eye mask that has a comfortable headband. That way it stays in place. As opposed to an eye pillow that slides off during the night.

For the wrinkles, you must choose a mask that has a natural fabric. Sure, repeated use over longer periods can leave creases on the skin. But there’s a workaround, as suggested. A natural fabric has organic proteins that help the skin maintain natural moisture.

Best weighted eye mask for sleeping

1. Nodpod Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask

If you happen to be an active sleeper, you’re in luck with Nodpod weighted eye mask. If you tend to toss and turn a lot during the night, it’s your best companion because it stays on. It’s made of jersey cotton on one side and has microfiber fleece on the other. But you can choose the material you like. In addition to being able to secure it behind your head, you can also sling it over your face. Nodpod supports cooling on one side and warming on the other.

2. IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow

Designed by an orthopedic doctor, the mask has tiny beads filled in it. These provide gentle massage around the eyes. Moreover, it incorporates stitching that prevents the mask from sitting atop your eyeball. Especially effective for migraines.

3. ASUTRA Silk Eye Pillow

It’s a silky mask with stress-relieving lavender in it. Furthermore, it consists of flaxseeds which in other masks are either beads or sand. You get a bag of extra lavender and flaxseed mixture with ASUTRA. This helps you decide on the weight and pressure you’d prefer.

4. Weighted Eye Patch

Only Nick Fury knows.

weighted eye mask for sleeping

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